You might have some APIs that, for some reason, don’t have their OAS/Swagger file. Well, this post will show how you could save yourself in scenarios like that.

You can download Optic from here: What I will show here is pretty much a recipe to fully understand how to use that tool.

Mocking APIs using json-server

For mocking purposes, I will use json-server, a great tool for testing and enabling quick APIs; however, it isn’t documented using Swagger, so perfect scenario for us, and also the project creators claim that: “Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30…

About every single organization is promoting an API initiative, in that case, just having a great and functional API might be not enough to attract and engage potential consumers. Even the APIs with fabulous Swaggers, sometimes might lack detailed information and documentation for developers, being in how to use the API’s SDKs, or simply documentation more in-depth. In this post, we will show a great tool to help both in API Dev Portal, and why not, your whole Developer Experience — DevExp.


Recently we had the Brazil's Central Banking publishing the regulation about OpenBanking. By October 2021, the expected 4 adoption milestones/phases must be ready. Lot's of good things ahead! One of the greatest tools that we added as part of our implementation framework to solve some challenges on this is actually Go-Swagger. In this post, I will show how to expose an astonishing API DevPortals using that tool

There are several installation options in the documentation here: . …

I am the kind of person that believes that everything happens for a reason, I’ve been trying to avoid follow the news from my country(Brazil), as we have kind of several opinion’s monopolists where everything is extremely bad and catastrophic, it is a matter of fact that the entire world will suffer impacts of this pandemic times we are living now, it is a kind of individual duty to decide how to react to that, in my case, I’ve been trying to be optimistic, investing my company’s cash to keep our employees and people with us.

Well, I got this…

During every major crisis, humanity took valuable lessons to overcome the hard times and grasp opportunities to go to the next level in evolution. The current turmoil is giving us a lot of opportunities to learn, gain insight and a chance to adapt and grow. In this post, I will try to share some of the new challenges that we are working through with our customers in these unpredictable times.

In companies’ API initiatives, we can see some tools that can make our lives much easier when implementing our projects. I took 3 of our set of tools to share with you in this post.

One of the most important strategies in an API initiative is to be able to create your contracts first. These contracts can be defined in JSON or YAML format, and follow the standard market specifications called Swagger (version 2.0) or Open API Specification (version 3.0) respectively. If you are interested in reading more about API First strategies, please check this post.

Looks kind obvious, but…

1. API First Concepts

APIs? What are they? That is the million dollar question nowadays. We could come up with thousands of answers, but we prefer this simple analogy.

A very easy analogy might be: Your APIs are to your business what a panel and controls are to a car. Most people have no clue about how a car works under the hood but knows that if you push the accelerator, the car goes faster, and if you apply your brakes, the car will eventually stop (Figure 1). Similarly, things like climate control, blind spot detection, and adaptive cruise control provide a safer and…

Create integrations that interact with the famous SaaS vendors in the market is crucial for any integration technology. For Ballerina-Lang it is extremely important, especially given the fact the the most of the organizations are living the hybrid IT, combining on-premises with cloud-based solutions.

This is a Service Example that shows you how you can do a basic searching in Salesforce:

Note: Create a dev account in SFDC is out of the scope of that post :)

Service that Invokes a basic Search in Salesforce

We created a Service called sfdc which contains a resource called querySalesForce.

As global access…

Ballerina language is a programming language focused for integration , which can make your life far easier. You might ask why? Well, one of the reasons is that in the last about two decades, we have been representing some of our integrating tasks using Sequence Diagrams, for transmitting and sharing our ideas, and then transferring our thoughts to some integration tool.

One of the good things in Ballerina, is that the diagram that you use to define your ideas, can now be used to execute them too. …

Upon a time, back in 2010, I made an interesting POC, when REST started to become a stronger "de facto" performer in the industry.

In that time of my life, I can say that I had more free time to invest in things that I liked, or even chance to create crazy POCs for demonstrating the potential from my employer from that time.

Well, in early 2010, I create a kind of a prototype of an Web App that could act a backend to facilitate people to create their "WebServices" (that time we did not mentioned APIs that much).


Edgar A Silva

Just a dad, a husband, and an Old-School Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black-belt. Working in the technology field since 1997.

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