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About every single organization is promoting an API initiative, in that case, just having a great and functional API might be not enough to attract and engage potential consumers. Even the APIs with fabulous Swaggers, sometimes might lack detailed information and documentation for developers, being in how to use the API’s SDKs, or simply documentation more in-depth. In this post, we will show a great tool to help both in API Dev Portal, and why not, your whole Developer Experience — DevExp.

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Engaging your Developers and API Consumers

Generating the APIs Documentation while Coding

Developers are intended to be no big fans to document their things. If you work with people like that, please buy them a coffee every day. For that reason, it is extremely important you get the docs and information about the APIs, while Developers are developing them. …

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Recently we had the Brazil's Central Banking publishing the regulation about OpenBanking. By October 2021, the expected 4 adoption milestones/phases must be ready. Lot's of good things ahead! One of the greatest tools that we added as part of our implementation framework to solve some challenges on this is actually Go-Swagger. In this post, I will show how to expose an astonishing API DevPortals using that tool

Installing Go-Swagger

There are several installation options in the documentation here: https://goswagger.io/install.html

I am the kind of person that believes that everything happens for a reason, I’ve been trying to avoid follow the news from my country(Brazil), as we have kind of several opinion’s monopolists where everything is extremely bad and catastrophic, it is a matter of fact that the entire world will suffer impacts of this pandemic times we are living now, it is a kind of individual duty to decide how to react to that, in my case, I’ve been trying to be optimistic, investing my company’s cash to keep our employees and people with us.

Well, I got this time to work even harder and enjoyed every moment possible with my family, in special my kids: Valentina a girl almost 6, and Benicio an unstoppable boy(2). It is pretty spellbinding how the children look at the world, another day my wife asked Benicio what my brother in law works with, he answered "He works with vruuuuns" (he meant: He works with cars"), and then she asked: "And what about your daddy?" He answered: "Daddy talks to people". Maybe during this time, he noticed the communication magic, looking at me talking with many faces in side by side squares in a laptop screen. Anyway, he is 2, but I took a few minutes to show him how a computer works, his preferred game is the chrome off-line internet dinosaur that jumps the trees. For me it was a big surprise, in so digital and coloring world, he loved the simplicity of jumping trees, and when he fails, somehow he got a wish to try again. I explained to him when he was able to execute more and fewer steps, it is fascinating to see a 2 years old kid getting started to understand that things are progressive, that sometimes we fail, and sometimes we go further. Well, I try to do this now with him daily basis for not too long, but up to the point that he won his own level. …


Edgar A Silva

Just a dad, husband, and an Old-School Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black-belt. Skalena Founder, former WSO2, MuleSoft, Oracle, RedHat, Sun, Borland

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