Are you ready for a totally different technology world?

During every major crisis, humanity took valuable lessons to overcome the hard times and grasp opportunities to go to the next level in evolution. The current turmoil is giving us a lot of opportunities to learn, gain insight and a chance to adapt and grow. In this post, I will try to share some of the new challenges that we are working through with our customers in these unpredictable times.


While some industries are extremely impacted as social distancing, quarantine, and isolation are required, others can leverage the chance to emerge as winners and even new Unicorns. We probably all noticed that the delivery services industry (food, beverages, etc) have been growing incredibly fast, but there are also many other segments which will be positively impacted by the actual crisis.

The business of delivering restaurant meals to the home is undergoing rapid change as new online platforms race to capture markets and customers across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Although these new Internet platforms are attracting considerable investment and high valuations — already, five are valued at more than $1 billion —. Source:

If you are wondering if the above paragraph is from our actual times, nop, you are wrong, it was published back in 2016.

Digital Transformation has definitely changed the way we do normal things on a daily basis, from transportation, retailers, banking, and even some agencies in the public sector have dramatically changed the way they operate. Clichés apart, if someone is too complacent about their business, or fails to adapt, and the time is now, their business will never stand a chance.


When the event’s industry got impacted by many cancelations or undefined postponing, we saw so many singers, bands promoting their live streaming concerts on YouTube. In Brazil, many people had collaborated with food donations, while the artists made an incredible income from the sponsors (QRCode payment fintech, Digital Banks, Beverages, Retailers, etc).

Due to some live streaming policies, some artists from Brazil are creating their own streaming platform and running away from YouTube. In spite of the fact of media controversy, this industry simply has decided to reinvent itself. I hope they can succeed, although they are noticing that creating a mission-critical video streaming requires much more talent than to write some of the songs we hear nowadays.

Regardless of the negative impacts in every single economy in the world, we will have to learn to do things in much better ways, maybe with the same computational resources.

I don’t wanna break any of Moore’s Law, however, we will have to rethink the number of transactions and volume of data that we have been working with so far. In order to process new Use Cases and new Experiences, many architectures will force a paradigm shift for a new era.

Think about the Telemedicine Stations, think about the number of events that shall be shared and processed using low latency protocols part of many IoT Devices through a LoRaWAN® network. Many industries together, from food-delivery, entertainment, healthcare, or all of them together(connected) will push an incredible demand for innovation at a very fast pace, the traditional architectures will hardly be able to fulfill new trends from the new businesses that are emerging.


Please, take the time that you still have working from home and you can save some time, and try to rethink new architectures for new demands. I would recommend you take some time to check some interesting topics:

I hope that we can help to deliver a much better world for ourselves, and everybody!

Just a dad, a husband, and an Old-School Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black-belt. Working in the technology field since 1997.

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