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  • AleXandre Magno

    AleXandre Magno

    Founder at Emergee; Certified Scrum Trainer at Scrum Alliance; Author of "Learning 3.0 — How Creative Workers Learn" and "Tire seu projeto do papel com Scrum"

  • Kasun Rathnayaka

    Kasun Rathnayaka

    DevOps/Cloud Solution Architect , DevSecOps Practices Lead

  • Amancio Bouza

    Amancio Bouza

    API & AI Enthusiast. Author of API Product Management. Public Speaker. Dot Connector. Intrapreneur.

  • Fernando Meirelles Lima

    Fernando Meirelles Lima

  • Tati Santiago

    Tati Santiago

  • Malinda Senanayake

    Malinda Senanayake

  • Emerson Facunte

    Emerson Facunte

    Executivo de tecnologia, agente de inovação (linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/facunte

  • Lucas Latorre

    Lucas Latorre

    Cozinheiro Raiz Buscando as raízes de sua cozinha, autoral natural e intuitiva.

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